Bosch Grill Element 2800w 00471375 Genuine Part


Bosch Grill Element 2800w 00471375  Genuine

  • 2800 watts
  • Height: 375 (mm)
  • Width 365 mm
  • Bracket : 105 mm
  • Tags: 30 – 75 mm
  • 5031686942815

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Bosch Grill Element 2800w 00471375 Genuine

Bosch Neff Siemens Top Grill Element 5031686942815

Heating your food properly is vital, and there are few better ways of cooking than grilling on a Bosch grill. You can achieve the perfect chicken, fish, beef and vegetable dish when your grill is up and running. A Bosch grill cooks your food in a healthy and tasty way that you can rely on to be consistent every time. However, when your Bosch grill element isn’t up to scratch anymore, you need a replacement fast.

Fast delivery

It’s important to get your grill up and running again quickly. If you’ve only just noticed the issue and your heating element is still going for now, it’s best to replace it as soon as you can. If it’s completely broken, then you’ll want to get back to your favourite grilled dishes as soon as you can.

Our delivery services are incredibly fast and our parts are dispatched as soon as we can to make sure you’re back on your feet as soon as possible. You won’t have to wait long to get back to grilling, and our reliable and top-quality grilling parts will make sure that you’ll be able to keep producing amazing dishes without worrying about your new heating element breaking.

Genuine parts

If you shop around, you’ll likely be able to find counterfeit goods that say they can do the same job as this genuine Bosch grill element. However, using genuine parts means that you know that you’re using a product designed specifically for the grill that you’re using.

These high-quality parts have been tested rigorously to ensure that the grill elements can last for a long time and will keep doing their job consistently. However, non-genuine products may be untested and uncertified, meaning that they not only run the risk of not working but also that they could be actively unsafe and be a hazard in the home. The real value of a genuine product isn’t in the name brand, but the reliability and consistency that comes with it.

A high quality Bosch grill element

If you need a grill element for your old and broken down grill, using a genuine Bosch grill element will ensure that you can get your grill back up and running again with our fast delivery service without having to worry about sudden and unexpected breakdowns.

Bosch Grill Element 2800w 00471375 Genuine Part




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