Whirlpool Oven Not Heating Up Find Out Why

Whirlpool Oven Not Heating Up Properly? 

If your Whirlpool Oven is not heating up it’s most probably due to a blown oven element. The fan oven element is a metal heating ring of steel which heats up when electricity is turned on using the controls on your cooker.

When the Whirlpool Fan Oven Element is heated to the desired temperature using the thermostat settings on your oven controls it heats up the oven chamber which then cooks the food within the chamber for the desired amount of time.

When a Fan oven element is working at its optimum your food will be cooked properly time and time again, if the element is on its way out you may start experiencing intermittent problems with your fan oven.

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Whirlpool Fan Oven Element Faults – Trouble Shooting

If your fan oven is not working the most common problems on most electric cooker or fan assisted ovens are listed below.

  1. The fan oven is blowing round cold air when the oven is switched on
  2. The oven does not get hot even after a few minutes of operation
  3. The oven element does not get hot at all
  4. There are uneven patches on the element itself or there are bright spots
  5. The cooker may trip the electrics or blow a fuse when you switch it on

Above are the most common problems associated with a faulty Fan Oven element but there are other factors which can cause oven element problems. if the thermostat is faulty and not regulating the power supply or the thermal cut out is broken these parts could be the reason the Fan Oven Element failed in the first place. Some people are quick to assume its the oven element but the thermostat and the thermal cut out should also be tested.

The element can fail due to wear and tear, do you use your oven a lot, once or a few times a day? Heavy usage will reduce the lifespan on any working part of your oven if it gets used a lot.  A clean oven will drastically increase the lifespan of your oven element, a dirty oven will reduce the lifespan.

If you need a new element got to our Whirlpool Fan Oven Element page to choose the part you need.

The elements we sell fit virtually all Whirlpool ovens check the listing for compatibility.

We recommend you buy an original part if possible but we also sell good quality compatible parts if you’re on a budget or just to prefer to buy a compatible part.

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