Fan Oven Element 2300W Bosch Neff Siemens ELE9036 5045172147622 Replacement


2 Turn
2300 watts
Height: 258 (mm)
Width 195 mm
Tags: 18 mm

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Fan Oven Element 2300W Bosch Neff Siemens ELE9036 5045172147622 Replacement


2 Turn
2300 watts
Height: 258 (mm)
Width 195 mm
Tags: 18 mm

Part Fits:

Fisher & Paykel 2300W

Bosch Models

HBN3200GB/01, HBN3220GB/01, HBN3250GB/01, HBN410AGB/01, HBN410AGB/02, HBN410AGB/06, HBN412AGB/01, HBN412AGB/02, HBN412AGB/06, HBN430AGB/01, HBN432AGB/01, HBN435AGB/01, HBN9100GB/01, HBN9120GB/01, HBN9150GB/01, HBN9160GB/01, HBN9300GB/01, HBN9320GB/01, HBN9350GB/01, HBN9360GB/01

Neff Models

B1420B0GB/01, B1420B0GB/02, B1420B0GB/03, B1420B0GB/05, B1420W0GB/01, B1420W0GB/02, B1420W0GB/03, B1420W0GB/05, B1421, B1430B0GB/01, B1430B0GB/02, B1430B0GB/05, B1430C0GB/01, B1430C0GB/02, B1430H0GB/01, B1430HOGB/02, B1430K0GB/01, B1430K0GB/02, B1430K0GB/03, B1430N0GB/01, B1430N0GB/02, B1430U0GB/01, B1430U0GB/02, B1430V0GB/01, B1430V0GB/02, B1430W0GB/01, B1430W0GB/02, B1430W0GB/05, B1438C0GB/01, B1438C0GB/02, B1438K0GB/01, B1438K0GB/02, B1441B0GB/01, B1441B0GB/02, B1441B0GB/04, B1441B0GB/05, B1441W0GB/01, B1441W0GB/02, B1441W0GB/04, B1441W0GB/05, B1542B0GB/01, B1542B0GB/05, B1542S0GB/01, S1542S0GB/05, B1542W0GB/01, B1542W0GB/05, B1561B0GB/01, B1561B0GB/04, B1561B1GB/04, B1561N0GB/01, B1561N0GB/04, B1561W0GB/01, B1593N0GB/02, B1593N0GB/07, B1820B0GB/03, B1820N0GB/03, B1820W0GB/03, B1920B0GB/01, B1920B0GB/02, B1920W0GB/01, B1920W0GB/02, U1410B0GB/01, U1410B0GB/02, U1410B0GB/05, U1410B0GB/06, U1410W0GB/01, U1410W0GB/02, B1410W0GB/05, B1410W0GB/06, U1420W0GB/06, U1420B0GB/01, U1420B0GB/02, U1420B0GB/05, U1420C0GB/01, U1420H0GB/01, U1420K0GB/01, U1420N0GB/01, U1420U0GB/01, U1420V0GB/01, U1420W0GB/01, U1420W0GB/02, U1420W0GB/05, U1421, U1441S0GB/01, U1441W0GB/01, U1451B0GB/01, U1451B0GB/04, U1451B0GB/05, U1451N0GB/05, U1451S0GB/01, U1451S0GB/04, U1451S0GB/05, U1451W0GB/01, U1451W0GB/04, U1451W0GB/05, U1452W0GB/01, U1452N0GB/01, U1452B0GB/01, U1452W0GB/04, U1452N0GB/04, U1452B0GB/04. U1452W0GB/05, U1452N0GB/05, U1452W0GB/05, U1551B0GB/01, B1551N0GB/01, U1551W0GB/01, U1552B0GB/01, U1552B0GB/05, U1552N0GB/01, U1552W0GB/01, U1552W0GB/05, U1562B0GB/01, U1562B0GB/05, U1562S0GB/01, U1562W0GB/01, U1562W0GB/05, B1432N2GB/01, B1432N2GB/02, B1432N2GB/05

Siemens Models

HB90520GB/01, HB90520GB/02, HB90520GB/06, HB90540GB/01, HB90540GB/02, HB90540GB/06, HB91540GB/01, HB91550GB/01

Tecnik Models

TKC800/2, TKC8081, TKC8082, TKC8085, TKC850/2?

Also known as

NF14100, ?499003, ?096823, 2029559000

Fan Oven Element 2300W 2 Turn Fan Oven For Bosch Neff Siemens ELE9036 5045172147622 Replacement fix your broken oven now.

If your oven does not heat up anymore it most probably needs a new heating element.

This part can be fitted in less than an hour, don’t throw away your oven repair it quickly & inexpensively!

This part fits many other models.

Spare part suitable for select models of For Bosch Neff Siemens

Always use original genuine parts if possible as they can be fitted easily and quickly.

Buy a Fan Oven Element 2300W 2 Turn Fan Oven For Bosch Neff Siemens ELE9036 5045172147622 Replacement fix your broken oven now.
Also Known As: Circular Element, Round Element. 2 Turn. 2300 watts. Height: 258 (mm). Width 195mm. Tags: 18mm. If your fan oven is no longer heating up or not heating up at all, then you may have a fault with the heating element. With this top quality replacement you can help get your oven back to its best and get back to cooking those amazing dishes.

Another great fan oven spare part from our extensive range of spares and accessories. Suitable for For Bosch Neff Siemens and many various models. Please check model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model.

Welcome to the Doctor Spares range of fan oven elements, comprising of quality elements designed for some of the top oven models and manufacturers.

These heating elements are crucial to the operation of fan ovens, working in tandem with the fan which circulates the heat around the oven to ensure evenly cooked items. Elements work from an electrical current, glowing red hot and converting the electricity which passes through it into heat, distributing it in all directions.

The benefits of fan oven elements

When fitted in the suitable fan oven, these elements are able to facilitate a wide range of benefits for domestic and commercial kitchen operations:

Fan ovens are able to reach a desired temperature quicker than conventional ovens, and unlike standard electric ovens, heat reaches the different parts of the food at the same time, which is able to speed up cooking by up to a quarter. Using these elements in a fan oven, it won’t be necessary to change the position of food just to achieve even cooking, meaning ideal conditions for batch baking. By using these fan oven elements you can find that flavours can be locked in, as individual items aren’t cross contaminated thanks to the constant air flow.

Fast delivery and support

If you are in need of a fan oven element as a replacement part, at Doctor Spares we understand the value of speedy delivery. For this reason, we assure you of prompt delivery throughout the UK, meaning regardless of whether your oven is being used commercially or domestically, you can get on with using your oven as quickly as possible.

With you all the way

Our role as a trusted provider of fan oven elements does not stop at the point of purchase. At Doctor Spares we are committed to providing support to customers every step of the way. That means if you ever have a question, query or problem related to an item from us, you can contact us on any day and we will get right back to you. Not only that, but if you require oven maintenance, our teams can guide you in exactly the best way to go about the upkeep of your fan oven unit and fan oven elements.

We have all the parts!

Doctor Spares is recognised as a UK leader in genuine fan oven element parts, as well as high quality replacement parts. Whatever it is you need, we have a huge number of oven parts in stock, so we should be able to provide the right solution! If you can’t find what you are looking for within our fan oven element range, contact us and a member of our friendly team will be right back with you.

The best online

We pride ourselves on offering the ultimate online experience in the UK when it comes to fan oven parts, with an easy to use website which is security tested. Get on board today with Doctor Spares – the byword for quality when it comes to fan oven elements!

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