Counter Top Air Switch Kit


Counter Top Air Switch Kit


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Fits models: 1580, 1680, 1780 and 1880

Fits other brands which don’t have an air switch.


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Counter Top Air Switch Kit

For Most Waste Disposal Units

Counter Top Air SwitchAll of the Waste Maid Elite Continuous Feed models will require some form of switch to activate the machine.

Usually a wall switch is positioned above the counter top for easy access to turn on and off however Waste Maid Elite Disposers can be switched on and off using a Counter Top Air Switch. The switch is easy to install and as shown below comprises of an actuator button, air-tube, sensor housing with a 13-amp plug.

The button can be positioned on the work surface and when pressed sends an air impulse to activate the waste disposer. The switch has been designed so just a 16mm diameter hole needs to be drilled into the counter top, the long thread enables this to be installed into surfaces of up to 45mm thickness. Once installed all that is visible is the button, you can choose chrome or Counter Top Air Switchwhite (both are included in the pack).

Counter Top Air Switches are a great option for island units and can avoid the need for a wall switch to be installed where you may already have wall cabinets or tiles in position.

PLEASE NOTE: The Counter Top Air Switches are designed to be used with the Waste Maid Elite models: 1580, 1680, 1780 and 1880

  • Safe to use with wet hands
  • Great for Island counter top areas
  • No need for wiring
  • Easy to install

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